Gateways and Bus Converters

Bus gateways and converters are devices that make a bridge between two different buses so that communication between them can happen.  Such a device converts and forwards messages between two networks mostly in both directions.

SAE J2716 (SENT) – USB Interface
The SENT-USB is a two-channel SAE J2716 (Single Edge Nibble Transmission – SENT) to USB interface that easily connects a SENT bus to any computer with an USB port. The converter is powered from USB and features two bi-directional SENT channels and an USB virtual COM port. A free-of-charge application for simulation and monitoring of the SENT communication is provided.
SAE J2716 (SENT) to CAN/RS-232 Gateway
SAE J2716 (SENT) to RS-232/CAN bus Gateway/Interface offers two bi-directional SENT channels, two analogue channels, and either a RS-232 or CAN bus interface. Each SENT channel supports reception and transmission of SENT frames and all SENT communication parameters are configurable. Fast, Short Serial a Enhanced Serial Messages are supported. Device configuration can be stored into an on-board non-volatile memory. A free-of-charge PC application is provided for device configuration, reception and transmission of Fast and Slow frames. The open communication protocol provides for integration into existing systems.
LIN to CAN/RS232 Gateway
The LIN to CAN/RS-232 Gateway can be used to interface LIN bus to CAN or RS-232. It can act as both LIN Master and Slave and both LIN v1.x and v2.x are suuported. The converter is available in two variants - LIN to CAN and LIN to RS-232.
CAN FD LIN Gateway
A user-programmable converter/interface/data-logger that features two CAN FD channels, a LIN channel, and a RS-232 port. The converter offers a USB port, a microSD card slot and multiple digital/analogue inputs and outputs, which makes it suitable for a broad range of use-cases such as protocol conversion, network bridging, data logging, rest-bus simulation, and external peripheral control and monitoring.
100BASE-T1 USB Interface
The 100BASE-T1 USB Interface (Media Converter) connects a 100BASE-T1 network to any computer with an USB port. The converter acts as an Ethernet network interface card when plugged into an USB port. The interface easily connects Automotive Ethernet devices with OPEN Alliance BroadR-Reach (OABR) port, such as cameras or ECUs, directly to any PC without a need of an on-board network card.
100BASE-T1 Media Converter
A bi-directional media converter between 100BASE-T1 (BroadR-Reach / Automotive Ethernet) and 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet), OABR Master/Slave configuration, physical layer conversion, access to PHYs SMI registers over virtual serial port or CAN bus, IEEE 802.3bw compliant