LIN to CAN/RS232 Gateway

The LIN to CAN/RS-232 Gateway can be used to interface LIN bus to CAN or RS-232. It can act as both LIN Master and Slave and since its firmware is customized according to customer’s demands, it can suits all possible scenarios. The converter is available in two variants – LIN to CAN and LIN to RS-232.

A typical use-case is to control or monitor a LIN bus from a PLC with RS-232 port over the gateway device, or simply to bridge a LIN network to a CAN bus.

The device‘s firmware is customizable on request and can be flashed into the device via CAN bus or RS-232 respectively. Source code examples (CAN, LIN, RS-232, Timer) can be provided on request so that the user can develop his own application based on the device. We can also provide a full LIN stack (C code).

Get the LIN2CAN/RS232 Data Sheet.

Technical Specification


Ordering Information

P/N Product
LIN-RS232 LIN to RS-232 Gateway
LIN-CAN LIN to CAN bus Gateway

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