LIN to CAN/RS232 Gateway

The LIN to CAN/RS-232 Gateway can be used to interface LIN bus to CAN or RS-232. It can act as both LIN Master and Slave, and is available in two variants – LIN to CAN and LIN to RS-232. A typical use-case is to control or monitor a LIN bus from a PLC with RS-232 port over the gateway device, or simply to bridge a LIN network to a CAN bus.

Get the LIN2CAN/RS232 Data Sheet.
Get the LIN-RS232 Gateway Communication Protocol Specification.

LIN-RS232 Universal Gateway

The universal gateway (p/n: LIN-RS232-GW) provides a communication protocol over RS-232 which allows the user to configure the gateway and simulate LIN Master, LIN Slave, or a LIN sniffer. The user can transmit and receive LIN frames over the gateway, or simply monitor LIN bus communication. This provides the user a full control of the LIN bus communication.

The LIN-RS232 converter can act as:

The communication protocol over RS-232 allows the user to:

The device‘s firmware is customizable on request and can be flashed into the device via CAN bus or RS-232 respectively. Source code examples (CAN, LIN, RS-232, Timer) can be provided on request so that the user can develop his own application based on the device. We can also provide a full LIN stack (C code).

Technical Specification


Ordering Information

P/N Product
LIN-RS232-GW LIN to RS-232 Gateway with universal firwmware
LIN-RS232 LIN to RS-232 Gateway (without firmware – to be developed by customer)
LIN-CAN LIN to CAN bus Gateway

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