ECU Configurator

The ECU Configurator is a Windows application that can easily configure Gateway ECU and LIN-CAN-CONF gateways from a PC over CAN bus. The application can set the device’s communication channel (CAN, CAN FD, LIN) parameters, frame routing between the channels, I/O mapping, and LIN scheduler for LIN master, and store the configuration into the gateway’s non-volatile memory.

A Kvaser CAN interface is needed in order to use the application. The ECU Configurator can be purchased with or without a Kvaser interface.

Software License

This is a royalty-free perpetual license, licensed per company location. The license can be installed on an unlimited number of computers, and can be used with any Kvaser CAN interface. E.g. The license is not bound to a computer nor a serial number of a Kvaser CAN interface.

Application Screenshots

Ordering Information
P/N Description Note
GW-ECU-CONFIG-TOOL A single-time payment ECU Configurator license
(without a Kvaser CAN-USB interface)
without a CAN-USB interface
GW-ECU-CONFIG-TOOL-KVASER-IF A single-time payment ECU Configurator license
(with a Kvaser Leaf v3 interface)
with a CAN-USB interface