Headquarters Address Change


The company MACH SYSTEMS s.r.o. has changed its headquarter address. The new headquarter address is the same as the office address: MACH SYSTEMS s.r.o. Pocernicka 272/96 Prague 10 108 00 Czech Republic

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Automation of assembly line


We have finished an automation of a semi-automatic assembly line of steering wheel levers. Our task was to wire a cabinet and lay cables within the machine and also to develop a control software. The machine uses a Beckhoff PLC which controls FESTO servo controllers […]

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SAE J2716 to RS-232/CAN Bus Interface


SENT to CAN and RS-232 Gateway/Interface for SAE J2716 (SENT protocol – Single Edge Nibble Transmission). The converter offers two bi-directional SENT channels and either a CAN bus or RS-232. The channel parameters are configurable, and both Fast and Slow frames are supported (Fast, Short Serial, Enhanced Serial messages). A PC application for channel configuration, reception and transmission of SENT messages is available for free. A binary protocol can be used to integrate the interface into an existing system allowing the device to act as a SENT communication tester and a simulator.

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LIN to CAN bus/RS-232 Converter


LIN-RS232 and LIN-CAN are communication converters (gateways) between the LIN bus and RS-232 / CAN bus respectively. The gateway can be used to connect a LIN test station to the PLC of the assembly line. Source code examples can be provided so that the user can develop his own application for the device and flash the firmware it into the device over a bootloader.

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CAN/CAN FD Physical Layer Fault Injection


The board for physical layer fault injection. With the help of swiches and potentiometers, the user can manually simulate faults into a differential bus. Many types of error can be injected: a missing termination, shorted differential pair (CAN_L, CAN_H), signal wires shorted to Gnd or Vdd, open Gnd or Vdd wires.

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Universal USB interface for CAN, CAN FD and LIN


Kvaser Hybrid 2xCAN/LIN is an universal USB interface with two CAN/LIN channels. Each channel get configured as CAN (including CAN FD support) or LIN by software. This provides the user a great flexibility in using the interface in different scenarios. Channels are independent and each one has a galvanic isolation.

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Development of GPS tracking device for IoT


We have been developing a mobile tracking device for Internet-of-Things. The device collects GNSS position based on GPS/Glonass/BeiDou and uploads it onto the server. It also features several operating modes so that the consumption is as low as possible. Both size and weight has also been optimized.

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A module for battery cell monitoring with CAN and DC-LIN buses


We developed a Battery Management System (BMS) module for voltage and temperature monitoring of battery cells. The module is based upon a STM32F4 microcontroller and communicates with other ECUs over the CAN bus and also over the DC-LIN (ISO 17987, DC-BUS), which is a new LIN bus physical layer.

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New Web Site


After several months of hard work, we have finally launched a new web site. The new design is sleek and intuitive and we hope everyone can easily find what he is looking for. 🙂

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Kvaser Leaf Light v2 in a new package


Kvaser Leaf Light v2, a low-cost CAN-USB interface with galvanic isolation, comes with a new package. Apart from changes in the package size, the interface is placed in a tailored foam. Price is unchanged.

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A new 5-channel CAN-USB interface with CAN FD support


Kvaser AB, a leading CAN tool supplier from Sweden, unveils their second interface with CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-Rate) protocol support. Kvaser USBcan Pro 5x HS is a 5-channel CAN-USB interface with user scripting feature. Each channel has galvanic isolation. The device provides user […]

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New Office Address


As of today, you can visit us at our new office: MACH SYSTEMS s.r.o. U plynarny 1455/70 Prague 10101 00 Czech Republic

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Online LIN Checksum Calculator


We launched a simple online tool for calculation and verification of LIN bus frame checksums. The tools supports both Classic and Enhanced checksums defined by LIN v1.3 and 2.x. LIN Checksum Calculator can be found at

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A five-channel CAN-USB interface and a data logger


Kvaser AB, a leading CAN interface manufacturer, releases a 5-channel CAN-USB interface and a data logger with user scripting in a single device. Kvaser Memorator Professional 5x HS is a powerful device which can act as a normal CAN-USB interface as well as a stand-alone […]

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Communication Stacks and Tools for Industrial Networks


We have become a distributor of port GmbH. This German company provide licensed communication stacks, FPGA/CPLD implementations, and tools for CANopen, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and Ethernet Powerlink port is known as one of the leading providers for communication technologies. Starting with CANopen in 1990 port […]

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CANopen Seminar


We took part in CANopen seminar on 16th September 2014 in Pilsner. The seminar was organized by CAN in Automation (CiA), and it consisted of training and discussion on CANopen higher-layer protocol – architecture, layers, protocols, profiles, network management, configuration and system design.

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