CAN/CAN-FD USB Interface for Tough Environments

Meet the innovative Kvaser U100 – the most flexible, rugged and intuitive CAN & CANFD USB Interface Kvaser ever built.

The Kvaser U100 is a robust, single-channel CAN/CAN FD to USB interface with reinforced galvanic isolation that squarely addresses the needs of the evolving automotive development market. Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000® and DeviceNet, this is the first in a new range of interfaces that is also suited to rugged applications in marine, industrial, heavy duty vehicle and heavy industries.

Electrical and Mechanical Parameters

Interface can operate in tough environments, with IP67 water and dust resistance, galvanic isolation tested at 5,000 AC voltage RMS for 60 seconds and an operating temperature of -40° C to +85° C.

Intelligent LED User Interface

Two high-visibility LED bars give real-time feedback on CAN traffic status, showing bus-load and error codes.

Interface LEDs can be difficult to see at a distance. Kvaser’s engineering team sought to resolve this issue with two high-visibility LED bars on the Kvaser U100 that can be seen from several metres away.

The Tx LED bar lit area grows from the USB end of the LED bar towards the CAN end of the bar as CAN Tx traffic is increased. Likewise, the Rx LED bar lit area grows from the CAN end of the LED bar towards the USB end of the bar as the message rate of the received traffic is increased.

The size of the LED bar indicates bus-load. If only half the LED is illuminated in yellow (for traffic), the interface is handling 50% bus-load. A steady green light (for power) shows that the device is working correctly. Red colour bar indicates errors and overruns, so you immediately know there is a problem and in which traffic direction is located.  White light indicates an alert, when blue is for system configuration activity. If there’s no light, the power supply should be checked.

50% bus-load on TX and 50% bus-load on RX with yellow light indicates the same amount of bus-load as 100% bus-load on TX with yellow light and green light in status area on RX.

Modular Architecture

PC- or CAN-bus- side cable replacement without compromising IP67 integrity (by authorized Kvaser party) is now more effective, thanks to modular architecture. This reduces cost over the product’s lifecycle and allows fast delivery of custom configurations


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