Device Firmware Update – General Information

MsFirmwareUpdater v1.0 – use this app to flash firmware into MACH SYSTEMS’s device
Two approaches to reset a device into bootloader:

  1. Programmably from MsFirmwareUpdater
  2. Remove power, press and hold a device reset switch (usually located on a side), connect power, release the reset switch.

SAE J2716 – SENT Gateway

Data Sheet
User’s Manual

PC Application Firmware Communication Protocol Specification
4.2.2020 SENT Gateway Analyser v1.4.1 SENT-CAN v1.5
SENT-RS232 v1.5
Protocol Specification SENT-RS232 and SENT-CAN: possibility to transmit multiplexed Slow Messages
SENT-CAN: alternative CAN Id for SENT RX messages
4.9.2019 SENT Gateway Analyser v1.3.19 SENT-CAN v1.4
SENT-RS232 v1.4
Protocol Specification SENT-CAN: Extended CAN Identifiers fixed
26.8.2019 SENT Gateway Analyser v1.3.18 SENT-CAN v1.3
SENT-RS232 v1.3
Protocol Specification Negative values for Analogue Multiplier and Offset of DAC channels
26.4.2019 SENT Gateway Analyser v1.3.17 SENT-CAN v1.3
SENT-RS232 v1.3
Protocol Specification
3.4.2019 SENT Gateway Analyser v1.3.12 SENT-CAN v1.2
SENT-RS232 v1.2
Protocol Specification