Embedded Systems Development

We provide design, development and integration services of electronic and embedded systems. We offer know-how for specification, prototyping and mass production of electronic devices of general electronic systems, consumer electronics, and we also specialize in automotive and industrial electronics.

Electronic systems we design are usually used within a plastic/metal enclosure or mounter on a DIN-rail. We usually use standard enclosures but we can also design a 3D tailored enclosure/box for a particular project.

We have experience with various microcontroller platforms, ranging from 8-bit to to 32-bit microcontrollers, ARM microprocessors. We either use pure C language or different frameworks and operating systems – FreeRTOS, Linux, Embedded Linux, uClinux. We usually employ core chips by Microchip PIC (PIC8/PIC16/PIC24, dsPIC33, PIC32), STMicroelectronics (STM32 cores: F0, F3, F4, G4, H7 or automotive SPC MCU), Texas Instrument (TMS570), Freescale/NXP and generally any ARM-based core.

In order to develop quickly, found/fix software and embedded issues as fast as possible, and to manufacture products with the best quality possible, we have all development and diagnostics tools necessary: JTAG programmers and debuggers, logic analysers, oscilloscopes, programmable I/O boards, soldering and desoldering stations etc.
We also use a proper project management software to keep track of ongoing software/embedded projects in order to follow Scrum, Agile and ISO 26262 standards.