Programmable Interface with Ethernet, CAN FD and LIN Networks

The MACH-ETH is a flexible automotive network interface that features one Ethernet port, two CAN FD channels, a LIN channel, a USB and RS-232 port, and multiple I/Os.

The interface offers a wide range of use-cases. Its CAN(/FD) and LIN channels are accessible over Ethernet or USB, which allows to use the device as an Ethernet or USB interface. Furthermore, the user-programming possibility enables the user to customize the device’s firmware, which is mainly useful for HiL and remaining bus simulations.

Gateway Function and Integration

The device can act as an Ethernet-CAN(/FD) or Ethernet-LIN interface as well as CAN(/FD)-LIN gateway. With the help of an open communication protocol, the user can easily access CAN FD and LIN channels over Ethernet TCP/IP or USB virtual COM port respectively.

User Programming

A user-scripting feature allows to run user applications directly on the device. The device comes with a free-of-charge C language SDK which enables the user to customize the device’s firmware, and realize any kind of function directly in the device, such as rest-bus simulations.

Inputs and Outputs

The MACH-ETH features one analogue input and one digital output. Both are accessible over TCP/IP and virtual COM port, as well as in  the programming SDK.

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