The MACH-ETH is an automotive network interface that features one Ethernet port, two CAN FD channels, a LIN channel, a USB and RS-232 port, and multiple I/Os. The device can act as a Ethernet-CAN(/FD) or Ethernet-LIN interface as well as CAN(/FD)-LIN gateway, and a user-scripting feature allows to run user applications directly on the device. The open communication protocol enables access to interface’s channels over Ethernet or USB.

MACH-ETH Data Sheet

The communication protocol over Ethernet or USB enables access to CAN(/FD) and LIN bus channels over TCP/IP or virtual COM port respectively.

A user-scripting feature, which allows to run user applications directly on the MCU, can be used for HiL testing and rest-bus simulations. The device can act as an interface, a gateway, or bridge between all its channels.

An analogue input and a digital output enable the user to interact with external peripherals.


  • 10/100 Ethernet port
  • 2 CAN channels with CAN FD support
  • LIN channel
  • USB 2.0
  • RS-232
  • Analogue input and digital output
  • 4 DIP switches
  • 10 status LEDs
  • Open communication protocol for integration over Ethernet and USB
  • User-programmable
  • Externally or USB-powered
  • Table-top use or DIN-rail mount


The open communication protocol (API) allows you to easily access CAN(/FD) and LIN channels over Ethernet TCP/IP or USB VCP. Over the protocol, the user can configure the CAN/CAN FD/LIN channels and transmit and receive frames.

User Programming

  • Firmware customizable in C/C++
  • Free-of-charge C language SDK
  • Free-of-charge IDE and C/C++ compiler
  • Firmware update over USB, Ethernet or ICSP

Usage Examples

  • ETH-CAN(/FD) and ETH-LIN interface
  • CAN(/FD) – LIN gateway
  • CAN – CAN-FD gateway
  • Remaining bus simulations
  • User-programmable HiL simulations

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Product Number Description
DIN-BRACKET-UNI A universal bracket for mounting any enclosure on a DIN rail
MACH-ETH-NET-SDK .NET C# SDK API (DLL) for accessing CAN FD and LIN channels over Ethernet (TCP/IP) and USB (VCP)

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