10BASE-T1S Media Gateway

The 10BASE-T1S Media Gateway is a flexible Automotive Ethernet switch and CAN/CAN-FD gateway in one. The device features one 10BASE-T1S port, one Fast Ethernet port, one CAN channel with CAN FD support, and a USB 2.0 port.

The media gateway can be used as a 10BASE-T1S – Ethernet switch (media converter) enabling a bi-directional communication between the 10BASE-T1S port and the standard Ethernet port, or as an Ethernet-CAN(/FD) gateway providing a data bridge between the 10BASE-T1S port (as well as the 100BASE-TX port) and the CAN(/FD) channel. Gateway function for bridging a 10BASE-T1S network and a CAN/CAN FD bus can be easily configured over the embedded web server.

The 10BASE-T1S port supports both CSMA and PLCA modes, and allows for point-to-point and multi-drop network topologies. The port configuration, such as mode, beacon transmission (PLCA coordinator), Node ID / Node count, and bus termination, can be easily set by on-board DIP switches.


  • 10BASE-T1S Automotive Ethernet switch
  • 10BASE-T1S – CAN(/FD) gateway
  • Embedded web server for configuration and status information
  • User-programmable firmware (C language SDK available)


  • 1x 10BASE-T1S port
    • Supports CSMA and PLCA modes
    • Supports PLCA coordinator (beacon transmission)
    • Supports point-to-point and multi-drop topologies
    • Network termination can be easily enabled
  • 1x 10/100BASE-TX port with standard RJ-45 connector
  • 1x CAN(/FD) channel
  • 1x Analogue input, 1x Digital output
  • USB Type-C connector (USB 2.0 virtual COM port)
  • Status LEDs
  • DIP switches for configuration
  • Power over USB or terminal block

Use Cases

  • Media conversion between 10BASE-T1S and 10/100BASE-TX (standard Ethernet)
  • Gateway between 10BASE-T1S and CAN(/FD)
  • Gateway between 10/100BASE-TX and CAN(/FD)
  • Custom functions and network bridging thanks to a user-programmable MCU and the C language SDK

C language SDK

The user can use the free-of-charge C language SDK to develop a custom device firmware. This provides the user a full control over the MCU and its peripherals, and extends the use-case scenarios. The SDK allows to use the on-board Ethernet switch and the ETH ports (MCU, 10BASE-T1S, 100BASE-TX), CAN(/FD) channel, LEDs, and DIP switches.

Media Gateway Photos


Ordering Information

Product Number Description
10BASET1S-MG 10BASE-T1S Media Gateway
DIN-BRACKET-UNI Universal bracket for mounting many types of enclosures on a DIN rail

Product will be released in April 2024. Contact us for pre-orders.