SAE J2716 (SENT) to CAN/RS-232 Gateway

The SAE J2716 (SENT) to RS-232/CAN bus gateway features two bi-directional SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) channels, two analogue output channels, and either RS-232 or CAN bus interface. The flexibility of the device allows the user to use it as a PC interface / SENT data logger, a gateway for PLC or a test system, and generally for SENT communication monitoring and simulation. The analogue outputs offer the possibility to directly convert SENT data frame signals into an analogue voltage.

Get the SENT-CAN and SENT-RS232 Data Sheet
User’s Manual
Communication Protocol Specification
Measurement of device delays


  • SENT-to-CAN or SENT-to-RS-232 Gateway
  • SENT logger/tester/simulator
  • 2 SAE J2716 (SENT) channels
  • Each channel configurable as RX or TX, channels are independent
  • Supports Fast and Slow Messages according to SAE J2716:2016 (Fast, Short Serial, and Enhanced Serial)
  • Supports tick times down to 0.5 us
  • Configurable SENT channel parameters – Tick Time, Nibble Count
  • 2 analogue output channels (12-bit DAC, 0-4.095 V)
  • On-board remanent memory
  • Intelligent message filtration
  • CRC fault injection possibility
  • 1x DSUB9F (RS-232/CAN), 1x 8-pin terminal block
  • Input power 9-30 V DC
  • 4x LED (3x Status, 1x Power)
  • 1x Reset switch
  • 5V DC output with over-current protection
  • Dimensions 108 x 54 x 30 mm
  • Table or DIN-rail mount
  • Hardware and firmware customization on request

Fast, Short Serial, and Enhanced Serial message formats are supported. The user can configure channel parameters (direction, tick time, nibble count, filtration) and store the configuration into the device’s non-volatile memory. Each SENT channel can be configured independently to suit all possible use cases: 2 RX channels / 1 RX and 1 TX channel / 2 TX channels.

The converter offers two analogue output channels (12-bit DAC) that can be used to directly convert inbound SENT data frames into an analogue voltage. An analogue output channel can be mapped on any SENT channel. and the conversion parameters are fully configurable: StartBit, BitLength and a linear transfer function: Multiplier, Offset, Min/Max.

An intelligent filtration of incoming SENT frames has been introduced so that RS-232 or CAN communication does not get overloaded. The CAN variant offers configurable CAN Identifiers for both TX and RX which allows multiple devices to be used simultaneously on the same CAN bus. The device’s firmware is upgradable from PC.

A PC application “SENT Gateway Analyser” for configuring the device and for monitoring, logging and simulation of SENT communication is available for free. The device provides a communication protocol over RS-232/CAN so that the user can easily integrate the device into an existing system, such as test benches, HiL rigs and End-of-Line testers. The protocol provides function to configure the device’s SENT and analogue channels and to transmit and receive SENT Fast and Slow messages. A CRC fault injection into both Fast and Slow messages is also possible.

Software and System Integration

  • Communication protocol for integration into existing systems
  • Free-of-chargeSENT Gateway Analyser” PC application for configuration, reception, transmission and logging
    note: The SENT Gateway Analyser application will work with any RS-232 port (COM port). For usage with SENT-CAN variant, the SENT Gateway Analyser uses Kvaser CAN driver for communicating over a CAN bus. Hence, a CAN interface by Kvaser is needed for communication with the SENT-CAN variant. The user can still control the device by raw CAN messages.
  • .NET SDK (DLL) for software integration allows to configure the gateway, start/stop SENT channels, and transmit/receive fast and slow SENT messages – see below.
  • Analogue output channels to connect SAE J2716 bus to systems without SENT support
  • Device’s firmware upgradable from PC


The .NET API (DLL) for software integration allows to configure the gateway, start/stop SENT channels, and transmit/receive fast and slow SENT messages from Microsoft .NET environment. The SDK is compatible with SENT-CAN, SENT-RS232, and SENT-USB.
Note for SENT-CAN: A Kvaser CAN interface is needed as the SDK uses a Kvaser driver.
A royalty-free perpetual license, licensed per company location – see Ordering information.

Ordering Information

P/N Product
SENT-RS232 SAE J2716 – RS-232 Converter
SENT-CAN SAE J2716 – CAN bus Converter
DIN-CLIP A clip for mounting the gateway on a DIN rail
SENT-NET-SDK .NET SDK for integration; A royalty-free perpetual license, licensed per company location.

How To Order

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