User’s Manual and firmware update for SAE J2716 Gateway

An User’s Manual for SENT-RS232 and SENT-CAN gateways has been released along with a new firmware update.

The User’s Manual can be downloaded from here.

The new firmware offers:

  • Cyclic message buffers for transmission of Slow Messages
    Transmission of multiple Ids of slow messages can now be done. The user can use up to 32 slow message buffers and the device will automatically transmit the configured buffers onto the SENT bus in cyclic order.
  • SENT-CAN: possible to transmit SENT RX messages over separated CAN identifiers
    SENT receive notifications can be configured so that they use different CAN identifiers. This makes a message filtration at customer’s system easier.

Firmware update for SENT-CAN and SENT-RS232 gateways can be downloaded from Support page.