SAE J2716 to USB Interface

The SENT-USB, a two-channel SENT to USB Interface, is out.

The SENT-USB interface features two SAE J2716 (Single Edge Nibble Transmission protocol – SENT) channels and an USB port with virtual COM port. The converter is powered from USB, and easily connects a SENT bus to any computer with an USB 2.0 port.

The device offers two independent bi-directional SENT channels and supports all Fast, Short Serial, and Enhanced Serial message formats. Channel parameters, such as Tick Time or Nibble Count, can be configured and stored into the on-board non-volatile memory.

The interface comes with a free-of-charge “SENT Gateway Analyser” PC application that enables the user to monitor, log, and simulate communication on the SENT bus. Furthermore, a communication protocol can be used to integrate the adapter with other systems.

Download the SENT-USB Data sheet or continue reading on the SENT-USB product page.