Automotive Ethernet USB Interface

We newly offer the 100BASE-T1 USB Interface that connects an Automotive Ethernet network (IEEE 100BASE-T1 / BroadR-Reach) to a computer over USB. The adapter acts as an USB-LAN network card and easily connects a 100BASE-T1 device or network to any computer with an USB port, which comes in useful in cases when the computer does not have an on-board Ethernet network card.

100BASE-T1 USB Interface Data Sheet.

The 100BASE-T1 USB Interface establishes a bi-directional point-to-point linke between an Automotive Ethernet port and a PC. The adapter supports USB 2.0 and is powered over USB. Drivers are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. A Master / Slave configuration for 100BASE-T1 port can be set by an on-board switch or programmatically by the PC utility (see below). The interface has one DSUB9M (OABR and CAN bus) and one micro-USB connector.

We offer a free-of-charge PC utility for reading status information out of the 100BASE-T1 USB Interface. Once you plug the adapter into computer’s USB port, the PC utility will show you interface’s port status, signal quality and T1 cable test result. This is useful for diagnostic and test purposes. The utility can also override Master/Slave configuration for T1 port.