PC Utility for 100BASE-T1 Media Converter

A free-of-charge PC utility for our 100BASE-T1 Media Converter is available for download. The application shows the Media Converter’s status information including a signal quality of the 100BASE-T1 port. The utility can also start a 100BASE-T1 network cable test on the converter and show the result (OK / Open-circuit / Shorted) to the user.

The 100BASE-T1 Media Converter is available as a serial port (COM port) when it is connected to a PC over USB. Windows 10 or higher O/S version is needed.

The PC application reads the following information out of the converter:

  • T1 port status
  • T1 port signal quality
  • Master/Slave configuration
  • T1 port polarity detection
  • RX and TX error counters
  • a result of T1 (OABR) cable test (OK / Open-circuit / Shorted)

PC application download: 100BASE-T1 Media Converter PC Utility