SAE J2716 SENT: Analogue Value Data Conversion

Updated versions of SENT-RS232 and SENT-CAN Gateways are available now. Apart from RS-232 and CAN bus interface, the SAE J2716 gateway newly offers two analogue output channels that can be directly mapped onto incoming data over a SENT channel. This enables a direct conversion of SENT data communication into an analogue voltage value.

The two analogue outputs can be mapped on any SENT channel (SENT1, SENT2), and a signal position within a Data field of a SENT frame can be configured. This offers the user a possibility to convert data values from an inbound SENT frame into analogue voltage. A typical use-case is to connect a sensor with a SAE J2716 interface to a system which can work with analogue values only. By this, the SAE J2716 Gateway acts as a converter.

Analogue Output Parameters

  • Two independent DAC channels
  • 12-bit resolution
  • 0 – 4.095 V voltage range with an internal precise reference
  • available on a DSUB9 connector: pin 6=AO1, pin 8=AO2

Analogue output parameters are configurable:

  • AO mapping: Off/SENT1/SENT2
  • Position within the SENT frame data field: Start Bit, Bit Length
  • A linear transfer function: Multiplier, Offset
    Uout [V] = Multiplier * x + Offset
  • Output voltage limit can be limited: UoutMin, UoutMax
  • Configuration can be stored in the gateway’s remanent memory

The addition of analogue outputs has also been reflected in the PC “SENT Gateway Analyser”. It allows the user to configure analogue output channels. The Gateway communication protocol, which allows users to integrate the gateway into their systems over RS-232 or CAN bus, has also been updated.

A direct conversion of SENT data into an analogue voltage becomes useful when the user needs to interconnect a device with SAE J2716 communication into a system which works with analogue values only.

More Information: SAE J2716 Gateway Product Page