Server-based ANPR System

LprFolderRecognition application provides centralized ANPR solution for image from many different sources. Server-based LPR/ANPR is a centralized solution for automatic number plate recognition. Multiple client applications capture images and upload them to the server for license plate recognition.

The application continuously searches in a directory for new images and recognizes them. After a recognition, details of recognition (license plate number, confidence, country of origin, rectangle of the plate) are saved into the output folder

A usage of the application is for server-based license plate recognition of offline images, and can be for example used in security application or for adding a LPR functionality to an existing system.


  • Automatic license plate recognition of jpg/png/bmp images
  • The result is saved into the output folder- plate number, confidence, country of origin, plate position within the image
  • Application can be configured and monitor via an intuitive GUI
  • Contains an embedded FTP server for image upload from client sides