Mobile Verification

The LprVerifier is a system for automated mobile license plate verification for in-the-field applications. With the help of a device (mobile phone or tablet) camera, it allows the user to capture a photo of a vehicle, recognize the license plate and load details for this number plate from the server database and show it to the user.

A mobile application takes a photo of a vehicle’s lcense plate. The photo is automatically uploaded onto the server and license plate number is recognized right away. The server responds with details about the license plate, such as owner, parking permission, zones etc. It is also possible to manually enter a license plate and make a manual query.

The system consists of a multi-platform mobile application, server application with HTTPs REST/JSON interface for communication with mobile devices, a back-end module for automatic license plate recognition and a server database of license plates and their permissions.

The LprVerifier can be for example used for verification of parking permissions within city zones, large facilities, festivals and different locations, where it is essential to verify license plates or provide information about a vehicle in the field. The system can also be modified according to customer’s needs.