Cables, wire harnesses, adapters, DIN rail brackets. Bus connector boards for easy device (ECU/interface) interconnection and fault simulator boards.

Universal DIN Rail Bracket
A universal DIN rail mounting bracket that allows to mount many types of devices/enclosures on a DIN rail. The plate contains many holes and slots for various ways of fixing the enclosure.
CAN Bus Fault Injection
The Bus Fault Injection Board is used to manually introduce errors to physical layers of differential networks. The board can simulate faults: a wrong termination resistor, open/shorted CAN_H or CAN_L to Gnd/Vdd, disconnected Gnd or Vdd or Shield signal. The injector is suitable for CAN/CAN FD/FlexRay/RS-485 and LIN buses.
Cables and Adapters
Connecting cables, wire harnesses, and connector adaptersfor TE MATEnet, Rosenberger H-MTD, and Molex Micro-Fit connectors.
Bus Hub
A universal board for easy interconnection of bus devices, it contains six D-SUB9 connectors for connecting PC interfaces and other devices. The hub offers a manually-switchable termination resistors for differential networks, and can also be easily connected to an existing cable network by a terminal connector. The attached devices can be powered by a single terminal block and all important data signals are equipped with a scope test point.