Bus connector boards for easy device (ECU/interface) interconnection and fault simulator boards.

Bus Hub

An universal board for easy interconnection of bus devices, it contains six D-SUB9 connectors for connecting PC interfaces and other devices. The hub offers a manually-switchable termination resistors for differential networks, and can also be easily connected to an existing cable network by a terminal connector. The attached devices can be powered by a single terminal block and all important data signals are equipped with a scope test point.

CAN Bus Fault Injection

The Bus Fault Injection Board is used to manually introduce errors to physical layers of differential networks. The board can simulate faults: a wrong termination resistor, open/shorted CAN_H or CAN_L to Gnd/Vdd, disconnected Gnd or Vdd or Shield signal. The injector is suitable for CAN/CAN FD/FlexRay/RS-485 and LIN buses.