A five-channel CAN-USB interface and a data logger

Kvaser Memorator Professional 5xHS packageKvaser AB, a leading CAN interface manufacturer, releases a 5-channel CAN-USB interface and a data logger with user scripting in a single device.

Kvaser Memorator Professional 5x HS is a powerful device which can act as a normal CAN-USB interface as well as a stand-alone SD/SDHC card data logger. Each CAN channel has a galvanic isolation and channels are independent.
The device will support the emerging CAN FD protocol by firmware update.

In the logging mode, the user can configure many sources of start and stop trigger conditions. The user scripting feature allows the user to develop his own applications and scripts, written in Kvaser T language (based on C language). The user compiles the scripts and loads them onto the device. Then the device acts as a stand-alone tool and does not need to be connected to the PC. User scripts can be used for time-sensitive applications and periodic transmission.
Usage example: CAN bridge, gateway

More information on Kvaser Memorator Professional 5x HS product page.

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