Kvaser Memorator Professional 5xHS

Kvaser Memorator Professional 5 x HS is a five channel, high performance, CAN bus interface with CAN FD support (CAN with Flexible Data-Rate) and standalone datalogger that allows users to monitor and collect data from up to five CAN channels using just one device. Standalone mode logs data to an SD card; interface mode connects to the PC via USB.

Memorator Professional 5 x HS offers advanced features such as Message Filtering, Triggers, Error Detection and Generation, Silent Mode, an expandable SD Card slot, Galvanic Isolation, and much more. Configurable using Kvaser’s Memorator Config Tool, it is also capable of running user-developed scripts, written in the Kvaser t programming language. Guidance in creating t programs is supplied.


Key Benefits:

Technical Specification:


Kvaser Memorator Professional 5xHS USB connectorKvaser Memorator Professional 5xHS SD cardKvaser Memorator Professional 5xHS LEDs