Embedded Systems Development

We provide development and integration services of embedded systems. We mainly specialize in automotive industry and custom-made embedded products.

We have experience with various microcontroller platforms, ranging from 8-bit to to 32-bit microcontrollers, ARM microprocessors. We either use pure C language or different frameworks and operating systems – FreeRTOS, Linux, Embedded Linux, uClinux. We usually employ core chips by Microchip PIC (PIC8/16, dsPIC, PIC32), Texas Instrument (TMS570), ARM Cortex-M, Freescale and others.

In order to develop quickly, found/fix software and embedded issues as fast as possible, and to manufacture products with the best quality possible, we have all development and diagnostics tools necessary: JTAG programmers and debuggers, logic analysers, oscilloscopes, programmable I/O boards.
We also use a proper project management software to keep track of ongoing sofware/embedded projects of both ours and customer’s.