LprAccess – ANPR and LPR System

LprAccess is a system for automatic license plate and number plate recognition and for vehicle access control. The system provides live view, management of whitelist and blacklist, event history and filtration and export, and manual operations. Access to the system can be granted to several users and their user rights can be configured, too.

LprAccess can be used for acquisition of license plates, which can be used for security and statistical purposes (monitoring of vehicles), and mainly for vehicle access control. Apart from license plate recognition, the system also provides information on the country of origin of a recognized plate.

The system can be integrated with another IT system (such as personal access, ERP, corporate IT system etc, and both whitelist and blacklist can be read and write from other systems. Recognition events can be synchronized, too.

Basic Features

  • License Plate and Number Plate Recognition
  • Recognition of the country of origin
  • Each recognition is saved and can be viewed in history
  • The system can control barriers and gates
  • Management of whitelist and blacklist
  • Alarm on recognition of a blacklisted license plate
  • Viewing and filtration of event history
  • Camera live view
  • Manual operations – recognition, open gate
  • GUI protected by credentials, fine-grained user rights
  • compliant with GDPR

Advanced Features

  • Fine-grained settings for license plate permission (per camera, per day, per hour)
  • Logical parking spots
  • Calculation of parking fee
  • Anti Passback protection
  • Automatic whitelist import
  • Automatic export of events and history
  • Robust recognition – a license plate is captured several times and each image is recognized
  • Possibility of setting a tolerance for recognition (character mismatch)
  • System customization and integration on request

Technical Information

  • Recognition trigger via camera’s digital input or with motion detection
  • Barrier/gate logic is controlled directly from camera’s digital output
  • Supports Microsoft Windows 7 and higher


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