KeyCan is a new concept of modular keyboard that allows customization of dashboard and driver control panels.

Equipped with CAN bus line for the connection with ECU and J1939 protocol stack. KeyCan is the best solution to reduce the quantity of wires under the dashboard and increases space for others devices. KeyCan module is composed out of fully programmable 4 membrane push buttons with 3 RGB LEDs in 7 different colours.  Keyboard can change thebrightness.

Icons in the middle of each push button are removable and customizable by laser, which allows horizontal or vertical instalation of KeyCAN.

Main features:

▪ Configurable icon plate
▪ RGB LED backlight button and status
▪ Suitable for 12 and 24V system
▪ CAN bus communication
▪ Rugged margins of buttons for safety
▪ Customizable color of plate
▪ Vertical or horizontal mount
▪ Ergonomic design

Technical specification:

Nominal voltage Vehicle battery system 2 and 24 V DC
Operating range   6 – 32 V DC
Reversed polarity protection External power supply/battery
Consumption of energy 100 mA max at

12 V DC

70 mA max at 24 V DC
Interfaces CAN 2.0B(ISO011898) 1
LED Indicators RGB button status 12
RGB button backlight 4
Microcontrollers Main MCU: Cypress 16 bit 1
Safety MCU: Microchip 8bit 1
Memory Flash 256,5KB+32KB

Material Front and back cover PBT-30GF
Plate painted ABS
Keypad Silicon rubber
IP level 65

Operating Temperature min  -30°C (-40°C for 24h)
max  +85°C (for 96h)