Development of GPS tracking device for IoT

We have been developing a battery-operated tracking device for Internet-of-Things for a while now. This inteligent device collects GNSS position data and uploads it over REST/JSON API onto the server. In order to maximize the battery life, a smart scheduling of operating modes has been introduced. A reasonable effort has also been made to maintain a small size and weight

The device is based on a low-power Microchip PIC microcontroller and beside the GNSS module (supports GPS, Glonass and BeiDou) and a GSM module it also features a 3D accelerometer and a microUSB connector for charging. A challenging task was to squeeze all parts into a very small space and to maintain the best antennas’ radiation diagrams and efficiency along with that.

In order to monitor and configure devices, a web portal and a mobile application will be available soon.