SIGFOX – a wireless technology for Internet of Things

On April 14th, 2016, a SIGFOX conference took place in Prague and we were there!

SIGFOX is a wireless platform for an emerging Internet of Things Era. Its uses the royality-free 868 MHz band and energy consumption of transmission and reception is much lower than with GSM networks. SIGFOX can be used in many different areas where a data acquisition or simple commands need to be transferred from/to a device to a server, such as: wireless smart-metering of water, gas, electricity consumptions.

SIGFOX wireless modules can thus operate on battery which may last up to 5 – 10 years.  The SIGFOX technology allows the user to transfer up to 144 messages per day from a device to the cloud and up to 4 control messages the other way. T-mobile currently covers the Czech Republic with SIGFOX transreceiver stations.

MACH SYSTEMS s.r.o. is a young company which is interested in new technologies. Thus we want to be involved in the development of SIGFOX-based devices and cloud/web parts, too. Given that we supply both IT and embedded solutions, we can deliver all parts of SIGFOX solution ranging from a battery-operated device (node) and a server application + web front-end.