CAN FD protocol to become ISO DIS

On June 30th 2015, the CAN FD protocol has been voted to become the ISO DIS (Draft International Standard). CAN FD will be the part of the original ISO 11898-1 document so this document will contain both the classical CAN and the CAN FD, too.

This milestone is a signal to silicon manufacturers to start preparing CAN FD controllers and bus drivers for higher baud rates. Several silicon manufacturers are already prepared for CAN FD controller manufacture.

Due to baud rate increase (> 1 MBaud), the specification of high-speed transreceivers (bus drivers) has to be prepared and it will be included in the updated revision of the ISO 11898-2 document.

How to learn more about CAN FD?

Take part in an international CAN FD conference on September 24th in Prague, Czech Republic.