Custom-made electronics production

We produce and switch on for the first time electronic systems under manufacturing documentation from a customer. Instead of customer, we take care of manufacturing PCB, SMD and THT fitting, switching on the circuit for the first time and testing products.

Our manufactoring capacities are suitable not only for commissions of small and medium series, but also for prototype production.

PCB production

We take care of PCB production for a customer.

parts and components

We take care of the parts acquisition and eventually we will suggest an alternative if some compoment is not available for purchase at the market.

SMD and THT  PCB fitting

We can offer not only hand-made, but also machine component placement or its combination in accordance of best economic solution for each product and production serie. Components can be soldered by hand or micro-solder, hot air, automaticly by machine or baking PCB in furnace.

product completion

Mechanical completion is not an issue for us. We commonly install tested PCB in the final casing of product, connect harness, stick on a plates, stickers and do final tests with a visual check.