License Plate Recognition

Our products for License Plate Recognition (LPR) / Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) can be used for both parking and highway applications, such as vehicle access control, speed enforcement and statistical systems.

Our LPR/ANPR systems have various topologies and can be used on a stand-alone PC for installation on local parking facilities, on server for centralized recognition, as well as mobile/tablet recognition.



We are a distributor of ARH’s LetUgo access system. LetUgo is an automatic vehicle access system based on license plate recognition (LPR). It is a modular system which uses digital cameras to capture vehicle photos, and it controls gates or barriers. LetUgo is an out-of-the-box […]

Mobile Verification

The LprVerifier is a system for automated mobile license plate verification for in-the-field applications. With the help of a device (mobile phone or tablet) camera, it allows the user to capture a photo of a vehicle, recognize the license plate and load details for this […]

LprAccess - ANPR and LPR System

LprAccess is a PC-based system for vehicle access control based on automatic number plate (ANPR) and license plate (LPR) recognition. It provides management of license plate whitelist and blacklist, history, exports and many other functions.

Server-based ANPR System

Server-based LPR/ANPR is a centralized solution for automatic number plate recognition. Multiple client applications capture images and upload them to the server for license plate recognition.